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Bulk treats-Wholesale

$22.50 - $35.00

Bulk treats in our original formula are $ 2.70 per pound. Sold  in a case of 10 pounds and are available in Beef and bacon, chicken, and  peanut butter flavor in medium or large bones. Wheat free, corn free, gluten free,  fruit ,vegetable,  Mint and pumpkin cranberry flavored treats are $ 3.30 per pound and  also sold in a case of 10 pounds.

Fritter bites are hand cut small cookie treats available in bulk. Original formula are

$ 3.00 per lb. and sold in a 10lb. case. Wheat free bites are also available at $ 3.50 per lb. and sold in a 10 case.

Bulk treats are sold with no packaging. Ingredient panels available upon request for posting.

Now available : Fruit, Mint ,Vegetable and Pumpkin cranberry ,wheat, corn and gluten free flavors.