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About Us


Trinity Services, Inc.,, is a public benefit organization devoted to helping people with disabilities live full and abundant lives. 

Trinity Services, Inc. also has several businesses, which offers a creative and stimulating work experience for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  Trinity Barkery (i.e. Fritters for Critters) is one of those businesses.


Trinity Barkery

240 W. Baltimore Street

Wilmington, Il 60481 


Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30 pm    


are Barkery fresh, all natural products, made at Trinity Barkery. Fritters are loved by happy pets and their owners because they're made with human-quality ingredients.  No preservatives, chemical additives, or by-product ....  just delicious, gourmet goodness.

Our pet treats are lovingly produced at the Trinity Barkery (i.e. Fritters for Critters).  The mixing, shaping, cutting, baking, decorating and packaging are all accomplished in a collaborative, creative learning environment.  Trinity Barkery is located in Wilmington, Illinois.

Every dollar from the proceeds of our sales from Trinity Barkery goes towards our mission.  Your support provides not only financial support, but also job opportunities, for people with disabilities and helps them to live full  abundant lives.

Thank you for helping us!


Closed Sundays and all major Holidays