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Extreme weather

With the temperatures at record setting lows and more bitter cold coming next week, please be attentive to your pets health and safety. Just like us they are not able to withstand the extreme cold temperatures for any length of time. You should not let them stay out for more than the few minutes at the most. Some dogs, just like us suffer cabin fever and get a little anxious having to stay in the house during the long cold Illinois winters. If they are showing signs of anxiety, good chew toys and treats are sometimes the trick to help them through the cold winter. We have both at The Barkery if you want to check us out. Stay warm.

Dog Safety Cold Weather Tips

Dogs are just like people. There cold tolerance can vary by breed , coat, and body fat source. With the extreme cold weather being predicted for this upcoming weekend, be sure your dog doesn't stay out too long.  A sweater , coat or  boots can help especially with the smaller breeds. Their pads are also very sensitive and I recommend using only pet safe salt in your yard and sidewalks where your dog goes out to. Regular salt is harsh and if your dog licks their paws they will be digest the salt residue left on their paws. Wipe your dogs feet coming in to remove any salt chemicals and ice that may be on their paws. Bundle up and stop by the Barkery for any of our winter dog needs.

Trinity Barkery Virtual Tour

Check it out!!! New street view virtual tour of your favorite pet shop in Wilmington, IL


Whats new at the Barkery

Brew and Chew Spent grain dog treats are now available. Daisy's dream is our firtst flavor in the new line of dog treats. Daisy's dream is peanut butter banana flavor and available in a 12 oz. bag.

The Barkery is now carrying products for Exotic Birds and Backyard Chickens. 

We have food by Zupreem, treats and toys by Wylds Wingdom.

Feeders, waterers, treats and feed for Chickens. 
Customer service is our biggest feature, so let us know what your needs are and we will order and stock your requests.

Brew and Chew

We are excited to announce Brew and Chew is our newest line we adding to current products. We have partnered with Tangled Roots Brewery in Ottawa, IL. The new line will be made from the spent grain which the brewery is generously donating to us. Our first flavor is Daisy's Dream to feature the master brewers dog on the new packaging. Daisys dream is in production and is now available for distribution. There are two additional flavors being developed and should be available for release in October.