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 Wholesale customers, Tax ID information required.

  • Cookie Assortment-Wholesale

    Cookie Assortment-Wholesale

     Pick the assortment for variety. Includes  2 each of our top sellers. Includes: Carob Chip sandwich cookie, birthday cupcake,pretzel, round,single bone, and donut, Sold in case of 12 cookies. 

    $10.44 - $65.00

  • Fritter Bone shaped Cakes-Wholesale

    Fritter Bone shaped Cakes-Wholesale

    Every one deserves a party cake for that that special occasion, even your K-9 friend. Birthday or Congratulations or personalize with anything you wish. Blue for boy birthday-Pink for girl birthday or whatever color you...

    $21.00 - $24.00

  • Holiday Cookies-Wheat free-Wholesale

    Holiday Cookies-Wheat free-Wholesale

    Fritters for Critters holiday cookies are decorated to celebrate every season. Yogurt dipped and packaged individually for your convenience. Sold in set of 12. Please provide tax ID information upon ordering.