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Our Story

Trinity Barkery is a division of Trinity Services, Inc., a public benefit organization devoted to helping people with disabilities live full and abundant lives. Every dollar from the proceeds of our sales goes towards our mission. So, your support for the manufacturing of Fritters for Critters provides not only financial support, but also job opportunities, for people with disabilities.

Thank you for helping us.

  • Fritters for Critters Wheat Free Corn Free  Fritters

    Fritters for Critters Wheat Free Corn Free Fritters

      Wheat free, corn free Fruit flavor fritters are made from fresh ground oats with apples, cranberries and mango added to make these a special treat. Medium sized bones packaged in re-sealable bag. 1.25 lb Wheat...

    $5.95 - $6.95

  • Fritters for Critters Cat Treats

    Fritters for Critters Cat Treats

    Fritter for Critters all-natural Cat treats are human-quality. Free from all preservatives. Available in two delicious flavors. Packaged in 4 oz. re-sealable bag.


  • Bulk treats-Wholesale

    Bulk treats-Wholesale

    Bulk treats in our original formula are $ 2.70 per pound. Sold  in a case of 10 pounds and are available in Beef and bacon, chicken, and  peanut butter flavor in medium or large bones. Wheat free,...

    $22.50 - $35.00

  • Fritter Bone shaped  Cakes

    Fritter Bone shaped Cakes

    Every one deserves a party cake for that that special occasion, even your K-9 friend. Birthday or Congratulations or personalize with anything you wish. Blue for boy birthday-Pink for girl birthday or whatever color you...

    $4.95 - $5.95

  • Red gift box of Treats

    Red gift box of Treats

    Ready for gift giving. Our red box with yogurt dipped medium bones with sprinkles in gift packaging and includes a bow.


  • Fritter for Critters Round Cakes

    Fritter for Critters Round Cakes

    Our round Fritters for Critters Cakes are 3 round cookies with a layer of yogurt between each layer with yogurt frosting and decorative icing and edible sugar sheet .Featured is the multi colored cake. Cakes are available...

    $8.95 - $9.95

  • Cookie Display

    Cookie Display

    Our two tier cookie display rack holds 48 cookies very attractively. This unit is sold with your choice of 4 dozen single wrapped cookies.Cookies are case of 12. Split case additional charge of $ 2.00. Includes...

    $0.00 - $75.00

  • Fritters for Critters Horse Treats

    Fritters for Critters Horse Treats

    Fritters for Critters horse treats are all natural and baked fresh with no added perservatives. These are economically packaged in a resealable 2 lb bag. Available in 4 flavors.


  • Pizza Pie

    Pizza Pie

    Get the whole pie if a slice isn't enough. 7 pizza slices individually shrink wrapped to share.


  • Pizza Slice

    Pizza Slice

    New, Our pizza slice is available in available in Beef original flavor or Fruit grain free flavor. Packaged and sold individually.

    $1.29 - $1.49

  • Bark Brew

    Bark Brew

    New. Our Bark brew is the perfect treat for you and your best friend to enjoy while your just relaxing. Individually wrapped. Available in Original or grain free formulas.

    $1.29 - $1.49